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Chernihiv National T.G. Shevchenko Pedagogical University was founded in 1700. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine, has own traditions and long glorious history. It`s a public University in full compliance with the requirements and criteria of the Bologna Charter.

Specialists are prepared in all forms of training (full-time and external education) for educational and qualification levels of “Bachelor”, “Master” and “PhD”. There are two Specialized Scientific Councils for defense of dissertations on Pedagogics and History.

There are 8 departments such as: Oleksandr Lazarevskyi Educational and Scientific Institute of History, Ethnology and Law, Philology Studies, Psychology Studies, Technology Studies, Sport Studies, Chemistry and Biology Studies, Physics and Math Studies, Education Studies. The Astronomy Scientific and Research Center and the Center of Gifted Children, Psychological Support Service and Military Department are situated there.

Several Scientific schools on the History of Ukraine, World History, Archeology, and Historiography were formed there. The University acts as a leading moderator and coordinator of scientific researches of Northern Ukraine.

The University regularly hosts international, national and regional conferences. It also publishes a scientific journal called “Siverianskyi Litopys” (“The Chronicle”), where the results of scientific papers can be printed.

Department for Scientific Work and International Relations (the Department) is a unit of Chernihiv National T.G. Shevchenko Pedagogical University, which task is to implement the international strategy of the university. Its work is focused on analytical work, which causes the development, expansion and strengthening of international relations and the authority of the University in the international community.

The main tasks of the Department, according to defined priorities of Chernihiv National T.G. Shevchenko Pedagogical University are the cooperation with foreign Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) in the field of science and education, training and implementation of international educational and scientific projects, intensification of academic mobility of students and teachers, training of foreign students.

The main priorities of the Department are:

– development of academic mobility;

– participation in international HEI`s projects, programs;

– partnership with HEI`s in Ukraine and abroad;

– organizing of summer schools.

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Oleksandr Lazarevskyi Educational and Scientific Institute of History, Ethnology and Law
Name of Department/Institution: Oleksandr Lazarevskyi Educational and Scientific Institute of History, Ethnology and Law

– History of Ukraine

– World History

– Archeology, Ethnology and Ukrainian Studies

– Law Disciplines

– Pedagogics and Methodic of Education

Main fields of researches/activities

Archeology, Historiography, Source Studies, History of Ukraine, Historical Local Studies;

World History, History of Europe and America, History of Asia and Africa, History of Slavic Countries, World Historiography, Euro integration and International Relations;

Ukrainian Studies, History of Arts and Culture, Gender Studies, Ethno pedagogics, History of Tourism, Christian tourism, Green Tourism;

History of Law Education, Economic Law, Industrial Relations Law, Administrative and Criminal Law;

History of Education in Ukraine, Innovations in Education, Theory and Methodic of Education, Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher Education, Management of Education


Since 2015 the Institute implements Erasmus programme grant (Jean Monnet (module)).

The international cooperation agreements are sighned: with the Warsaw University, the company «Polska-Wshid in Konin (Wielkopolskie, Poland), University of Bryansk (Russia).

The Institute includes research centers: the Center of Archeology and Ancient History of North- Left bank Ukraine; The Center of Russian studies.

There are annual archaeological expeditions (Chernihiv, Baturin, Mizyn, Ljubech, Novgorod-Seversky).

The Institute is proud with its graduates; over 230 of them defended their doctoral dissertations in different fields of science.

Contact person Prof. Marina Keda, e-mail: ,
Web-page http://inst-hist.nethouse.ua/

Philological  Department
Name of Department/Institution: Philological  Department

– Pedagogics and Methodology of Teaching English;

– German Philology;

– Philosophy and Culture;

– Ukrainian language and Literature;

– Foreign Languages;

Main fields of researches/activities Methodology of teaching English at school and university levels, methodology of teaching Ukrainian at school and university levels, innovative methods of teaching German as a second foreign language, problems of ESP teaching, problems of Foreign and Ukrainian Literature, History of Education in Ukraine, Innovations in Education, Theory and Methodology of Education, Pedagogics of Higher Education, problems of Ukrainian and World Philosophy and Culture, Cognitive and Pragmatic Linguistic Studies, Comparative Linguistic Studies

– More than 10-years practice of teaching of educational courses in English (such as History of English, Lexicology of English, Stylistics of English etc);

– Our teachers are alumni of American Study Programs such as Fulbright, Study of the United States Institute on Contemporary American Literature etc;

– Cooperation with Peace Corps in the field of learning English with native speakers;

– Partner in Erasmus + Lifelong Learning Programme “Learn with Grandma Ukraine in 2011”

Contact person Oleksandra Didukh,
Web-page http://philology-chernihiv.com.ua/

Psychological Department
Name of Department/Institution: Psychological Department

– General and Developmental Psychology;

– Environmental Psychology and Mental Health;

– Social Pedagogics;

– Ukrainian studies, Political Science and Sociology

Main fields of researches/activities

Combating human trafficking. Prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism, criminal behavior in children and youth. Prevention of computer addiction, formation of media literacy of students;

Methods of volunteering. Methods of social pedagogy in penal institutions. Organization of public and specialized services. Pedagogics of family education. Social work with children with special needs. Social work in the field of entertainment. Social pedagogical assistance to children and families in crisis situations. Social Conflict. Technologies of social work in foreign countries;

Psychic Self-Regulation of ecological consciousness. Environmental psychology, psychology influences ekopsychological disposition, psychological self-regulation, ethnic psychology, psychological aspects of volunteering. Psychology of cancerology, psycho-diagnostics, environmental psychology;

Political psychology, political consciousness, political behavior, political activity, Psychosomatics, social psychology, NGO`s development, psychological and social rehabilitation of demobilized soldiers, psychology tolerance and interethnic tolerance;

Psychology of the emotions, psychology of the emotional intelligence, psychology of intelligence, developmental psychology, psychology of mass geopolitical consciousness, psychology of aggression, ethnic psychology, history of psychology, cultural anthropology, economic socialization, social and psychological game, economic psychology, psychology of gender, positive psychology, social psychology, psychology of subjective well-being, social well-being communication.


– The program "Choice", the content of which is the prevention of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and crime among adolescents.

– Continued participation in volunteer activities and programs. Student volunteer school.

– Leader of the "Fulcrum" project which aims to psycho-social rehabilitation of demobilized soldiers.

Contact person Fedir Mohylnyi, e-mail:
Web-page http://chnpu.edu.ua/faculties/psychopedagogical-faculty

Technological Department
Name of Department/Institution: Technological Department

– Pedagogics, Psychology and Methodic of Technological Education ;

– General Technics and Drawings;

– Technological Education and Informatics;

– Professional Education, Health and Wellness

Main fields of researches/activities

History of Education;Theory and methods of technological education (technology, drawings, automobile engineering, design and fashion design, computer science);Pedagogics and psychology of High school;Educational management; innovations in education; ICT training;Educational and developmental psychology; Psychology of Management;Psychology of work; Technical creativity of students and young people;Rural small-size schools;

Professional activities of teacher, high school teacher, a teacher of training schools; image of the teacher;

Training schools education and technique (food technology, transport); Life Safety; professional orientation

Contact person Prof. Natalia Nosovets, e-mail:
Web-page http://www.chnpu.edu.ua/faculties/technological-faculty

Sports Department
Name of Department/Institution: Sports Department

– Biological Bases of Physical Training, Health and Sports

– Gymnastics, Choreography and Swimming

– Pedagogics, Psychology and Methodic of Physical Education

– Physical Education

– Sports

Main fields of researches/activities

Modern Technologies of Professional Identity Formation on the Bases of Health and Physical Training;

Folk and Modern Choreography;

Management of Adaptation of the Human Body in Conditions of Physical Education and Sports Training;

Health Preservation, Development of Motor Skills of the Future Teachers and Pupils;

Management of Formation Effective Biomechanical System of Action Techniques in Sports Training, Methods of Teaching and Technical Development of Separate Game Techniques in Sports at Different Stages of Training, Management Optimization the Training Process of Skiers and Biathlon Racers in Conditions of Study at the University


Teaching at Sports Department provides 67 lecturers; among them 62.6% have a scientific degree. Over the past five years, the teachers of the department published over 500 scientific works, more than 40 of them have educational and training manuals.

The Department is the center where sport elite of Chernihiv region and the whole Ukraine were educated. Over the last five years 47 masters of sports were prepared, including master of sports of international class and 28 honored masters of sports. University students are the winners of World and European championships. Many times students and graduates of the University were included into the Olympic team. 23 students and teachers of the department participated in the Winter Olympic Games (1994-2014 years).

The students of the department won medals and diplomas at the most prestigious competitions in the world: Gennady Avramenko – Olympic medalist in shooting, Natalia Skakun – Champion of the XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens (weightlifting), Valentina Tserbe – Olympic medalist in Lillehammer (biathlon), Galina Avramenko – world champion in shooting, Alina Boykova – world champion in sumo wrestling, Natalia Davydova – bronze medalist of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing (weightlifting), Helena Kostevich – Olympic champion of the XXVIII Olympic Games and two-time bronze medalist of the XXX Olympics Games (shooting), Olga Korobko – silver medalist of the XXIX Olympics Games (weightlifting), Natalia Smal – Olympic silver medalist of the License tournament "Grand Prix" in Amsterdam (sambo wrestling), Maria Buyok – World bronze medalist in judo. Among recently students: Ihor Reptyuh – world champion, silver medalist of the ski races of the XI Paralympic Winter Games. Men’s volleyball team of the University plays in the Super League and is the champion of Ukraine Universiade among higher educational institutions. Student team of Ukraine in volleyball is formed at the University. Women’s volleyball team won the right of participation in the Super League from 2014.

Contact person Catherine Bibchuk, e-mail:
Web-page http://chnpu.edu.ua/faculties/physical-faculty

Chemistry and Biology Department
Name of Department/Institution: Chemistry and Biology Department

– Chemistry

– Biology

– Ecology and natural protection

– Geography

Main fields of researches/activities

Synthesis new biology active heterocyclic nitrogen-contain compounds, Acid and microbic corrosion; designing the inhibitors of steels' acid and microbiological corrosion;

Preclinical studies of antioxidant properties, creation of didactic maintenance of training of chemistry;

Genetics, Microbiology, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biology teaching methods, Biotesting;
Biodiversity (Botany, Zoology), General ecology and neoecology, Urboekology, Agroecology, Hydrobiology, Landscape ecology, Soziology, Reserved forest science, Environmental safety, Innovations in Education, Theory and Methodic of Ecology Education, Ecology and Green Tourism;

Physical geography, Economic geography, Paleogeography, business Tourism, tourist alloys and Hiking, Soil science, Psychology, Pedagogy, Psychodiagnostics and psychological trainings.


– Synthesized new polycyclic nitrogen-containing compounds, including derivatives of imidazoazepine and triazoloazepine, registered the growth of corrosion resistance as triggered by the presence of a condensed heterocyclic system, the increase in the condensed cycles' size and number, as well as introducing fragments and groups into molecules of inhibitors where they function as additional adsorption-reactionary centers, new ecologically safe multifunctional inhibitors are designed and suggested for practical implementation;

– Execution and preparation of dissertation research, participated in international conferences, participation in a competition of student research papers (diploma of 3 degrees), published in Ukrainian and foreign edition, participation in international genetic projects;

 – New natural protected areas, regional ecological network, inventories of natural reserve fund, lists the biodiversity of the region, ecological condition of individual natural and man-made objects, ecological status of rivers, forest and phytomeliorative, field training practice, summer ecological camp;

–    New tourist routes, economic-geographical research, paleogeographic studies.

Contact person Prof. Yurii Karpenko, e-mail:
Web-page http://chnpu.edu.ua/faculties/cheandbio-faculty

Physics and Math Department
Name of Department/Institution: Physics and Math Department

– Higher and Applied Mathematics;

– Economics and Management;

– Physics and Astronomy;

– Pedagogics, Psychology and Methodic of Education;

– Informatics and Computer Engineering;

Main fields of researches/activities

– Physics of liquid crystals;

– Astrophysics;

– Didactics of High School


– Electro optics of nematic liquid crystals in non-uniform electric fields;

– Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays in Galactic and Extragalactic magnetic fields;

– Opened The Astronomy Scientific and Research Center in University.

Contact person Valentyn Dedovych, e-mail:
Web-page http://chnpu.edu.ua/faculties/physandmath-faculty

Educational Department
Name of Department/Institution: Educational Department

– Preschool and Primary education

– Languages and their teaching methods

– Theory and methods of art teaching

– Music arts

Main fields of researches/activities

Innovations in Teaching Mathematics, Art, Natural Science, Social Science, Health Foundations, Science, Languages and more;

Early Childhood Education; Ethnopedagogics, Linguodidactics, History of pedagogics;

Inclusive Education; Pedagogy Creativity; Diagnostic Technologies and the Development of Talent; Astronomy for Kids, etc.

Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher Education, Theory and Methodic of Education, History of Education in Ukraine, Innovations in Education, Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher Education


Release collective Polish and Ukrainian scientific experience exchange collective monograph «Within the sphere of inclusions issues. Polish and Ukrainian scientific experience exchange» (Siedlce, Poland 2015)

Creation of a Center of Gifted Child of Chernihiv (a branch of the Institute of the Gifted Child of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine)

Creation of the Academy of Creativity CHIKS (Chernihiv initiative creative students) as a teaching volunteer center.

The Department provides grant support projects: project Academy of Creativity CHIKS won a grant from the Mott Foundation (Germany) and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (2015); won a grant from the Municipality (patisipaty budget) – 2016.

The implementation of social projects in various fields:

– The development of children of immigrants from Donbas;

– Volunteering students, teachers with children of soldiers from the war zone;

– Diagnosis and development of gifted children with special needs;

– Cooperation with the Paralympians – the development of inclusive sport for persons with special needs;

– Inclusive education for younger students;

– Training for teachers and parents.

Contact person

Konovalchuk Marina, e-mail:

Bogdan Tetiana, e-mail:

Lemishko Olena, e-mail:

Web-page  http://chnpu.edu.ua/faculties/primaryeducation-faculty

We are interested in joint research and academic projects in education. We would like to find the European partners for following types of Erasmus+ Programme:


KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

Higher education student and staff mobility

Higher education student and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees


KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

Knowledge Alliances

Capacity building in the field of higher education


Jean Monnet Activities

Jean Monnet support to associations

Jean Monnet Networks



Collaborative Partnerships

Small Collaborative Partnerships

Non-profit European Sport Events


Also, we are interested in cooperation in Horizon 2020 in the fields of education and science. We are interested in cooperation in The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions within the following actions:

Research networks (ITN): support for Innovative Training Networks

Individual fellowships (IF): support for experienced researchers undertaking mobility between countries, optionally to the non-academic sector

International and inter-sectoral cooperation through the Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges (RISE)

Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes that finance fellowships involving mobility to or from another country

The European Researchers' Night (NIGHT)



Department of International Cooperation - http://chnpu.edu.ua/university/atuniversity/mizhnarodnij-viddil

FB page: www.facebook.com/chnpu.international

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The proposed project in the context of the integration of Ukraine into the European community, designed to solve the problem of lack of awareness of society (especially youth) about the history of development of integration processes in Europe. In addition, to counter the aggressive anti-European information field that has been active in Chernihiv region as a border area (we have borders with Russia and Belarus). There are no academic centers of European Studies in the region. That is why, CHNPU, in order to intensify the transition to European educational standards, proposes a European integration module, which will be teach in one of the oldest historical research institutions of Ukraine – Oleksandr Lazarevskyi Educational and Scientific Institute of History, Ethnology and Law. This will lay the strong foundation for establishing European studies, investigations and fostering international scientific dialogue, integration of local researchers in the European scientific community, and contribute to a democratic society. The Educational Module "The Concept of Europe: From the Idea to Realization" is addressed to 4th year students of the Institute, who will continue studies to get Master`s Degree; and for those of them, who will start an active professional career after receiving a Bachelor's Degree. It should be emphasized that these two youth groups need to gain in-depth knowledge of European integration for fostering international European dialogue; and to see not only prospects for Ukraine, but also opportunities for personal realization and development. To achieve these goals, educational module will be teach using innovative pedagogical approaches such as dialogical method, the problem of modeling, etc. It will cause actualizing of interest in the study of the proposed module topics, develop analytical, communication and research skills among destinators; and promote awareness of European identity of Ukraine.



Пропонований проект в контексті інтеграції України в європейське співтовариство, призначений для вирішення проблеми недостатньої інформованості суспільства (особливо молоді) про історію розвитку інтеграційних процесів у Європі. Крім того модуль призначений для боротьби з агресивним анти-європейським інформаційним полем, яке було активним в Чернігівській області як у прикордонній (у нас є кордони з Росією і Білоруссю).

В нашому регіоні немає академічних центрів європейських досліджень. Саме тому, ЧНПУ імені Т.Г.Шевченка, для того, щоб активізувати перехід на європейські освітні стандарти, пропонує європейський інтеграційний модуль, який буде викладатися в одному з найстаріших історичних науково-дослідних установ України – Навчально-науковому інституті історії, етнології та правознавства імені О.М.Лазаревського. Це закладе міцний фундамент для встановлення європейських досліджень, розвідок та зміцнення міжнародного наукового діалогу, інтеграції місцевих дослідників в Європейське наукове співтовариство, а також сприятиме розвитку демократичного суспільства. Навчальний модуль «Концепт Європи: від ідеї до реалізації» адресований студентам 4 курсу інституту, які будуть продовжувати дослідження, щоб отримати ступінь магістра; і для тих з них, хто почне активну професійну кар'єру після отримання ступеню.

Слід підкреслити, що ці дві молодіжні групи повинні отримати поглиблені знання про європейську інтеграцію для зміцнення міжнародного європейського діалогу; і побачити не тільки перспективи України, а й можливості для особистого розвитку та реалізації. Для досягнення цих цілей, навчальний модуль буде викладатися з використанням інноваційних педагогічних підходів, таких як діалогічний метод, метод проблемного моделювання і.т.д. Це викличе актуалізацію інтересу до вивчення запропонованих тем модуля, буде розвивати аналітичні, комунікативні та дослідницькі навички серед дестинаторів; сприяти підвищенню обізнаності про європейську ідентичність України.




Навчально-методичний посібник

 Чернігів  2015








Концепт "Європа": Навчальній посібник

Чернігів  2018








Навчально-методичний посібник

Чернігів 2017 






Навчально-методичний посібник

  Чернігів 2015





Наукове видання

Чернігів 2016







 Навчально-методичний посібник

Чернігів  2017



Вісник ЧНПУ № 145








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